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your business growth.

Building and administering retirement plans is not easy. But you or your team don't need to get bogged down by time consuming and repetitive processes that hinder your growth.

You can automate a lot of your menial processes so that you can focus on revenue-generating tasks.

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See in action!


We're very consultative and are here to help you with your specific needs! Start with a free demo and we can answer any questions for you!
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at its core.

Machines aren't affected by fatigue like humans are. Machines are repeatable and predictable. Avoid errors in your work that could potentially cause compliance and regulatory issues by eliminating human error. We have proven to be more accurate than humans!

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for you.

We understand that you are unique and have your specific applications. Our customer success team is here to set up the perfect solution for your business. We also provide onboarding, training, and access to live support as you grow.

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Our pricing is broken down into a fixed base and by the specific workflows you choose - so no hidden fees! We also calculate our pricing to be equivalent to a fraction of the offset manual labor cost, meaning you will always save money!

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Scaling TPAs & increasing profitability using automation.

We offer a suite of customized solutions for retirement plan TPAs focused around the automation of various manual workflows. These include automatic filing of brokerage statements, download and filing of 5500 and other reports from record-keepers, etc.

Effective email logging focused on search & recovery.

Our API allows you to seamlessly integrate your fintech platform for fully headless operation. Extract useful information from bank or investment statements, reporting letters, identification documents, and almost any other kind of document without any template configuration.

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allowed Pinnacle Plan Design to cut time off statement filing and communications logging workflows, take on a larger number of clients and acquire another TPA to really scale their business!

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Come Hear us Speak on Artificial Intelligence
Come Hear us Speak on Artificial Intelligence

We are excited to be key speakers at this year's NAFE event in Nashville. David Hawash, COO, and Kyle Johnson, Solutions Architect, will be discussing AI, "Letting the Humans Be Humans"

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Stop sorting or filing papers! Focus on your business advantage and let your team do what requires human decision-making ability.

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