Our Current Solutions

Legal Services

Intake Automation & Easy Searchability

Law firms use Stax.ai to automate their client intake. For instance, Personal Injury (PI) law firms focusing on auto accidents generally have intake personnel or clients fill and send a questionnaire to get started along with their driver license, insurance card, police exchange report form, etc. Lawyers and paralegals also use Stax.ai to search through thousands of pages of medical records and other case files to find information quickly!

Banking, Finance, & Lending

Intake Data Extraction & Validation

Stax.ai is used in the financial services and lending industry to process files received from potential borrowers. Stax.ai can identify standard forms (W2, 1099, W4, etc.), and extract handwritten information from these forms. Programmatically extracting information such as EIN, SSN, address, etc. speed up the intake process and allow lenders to close more loans faster!

Healthcare Providers

Intake Automation & Records Management

Medical centers, surgery centers, and veterinary clinics use Stax.ai to automate document sorting and routing within the center. Stax.ai differentiates between and sorts medical records, and lets them focus on more important tasks. Stax.ai’s industry-leading classification accuracies are even higher than those of people in fast-paced environments!

Manufacturing & Repairs

Quality Control & Assurance

Stax.ai can learn to extract information that you ask it to. This data can be embedded in a document’s content, be a form field, or be a table. It’s used in the manufacturing industry to review quality control reports and compare reported measurements against known tolerances. If a measurement exceeds a known tolerance, an automation step can be triggered to notify someone, add a row to a spreadsheet, send an email, create another document, and much more!

Business Process Automation

Intake. Route. Extract. Actionize.

Stax.ai is built to work with other software in your existing workflow. Any software with an API or Zapier integration can talk to Stax.ai!

Stax.ai's automation modules also allow you to write your own custom Python scripts and execute them for each document within Stax.ai!

Accounting & Tax Services

Intake Automation & Tax-prep Assistance

Stax.ai integrates with Thomson Reuters GoFileRoom, a filing service for their tax-prep software. Accounting firms connect their intake emails and online portal forms to Stax.ai to automatically extract client information from incoming documents to sort, index, and file them into GoFileRoom. Stax.ai also has the ability to extract information from past tax returns, W2s, any other forms!

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