Key Features

Fast, Powerful, Full-Text Search provides an AI-powered search engine for your data. Find your documents now easier than ever! lets you search through all text content of your email attachments, electronic faxes, uploads, scanned documents, and even photos from your phone! Additionally, you can use various search operators for exact matches, exclusions, and more!

Intelligent Document Organization is all about stacks! “Stacks” are smart folders - the AI bots learn your organizational methods based on your existing directory structure and sort future incoming documents automatically! sorts documents based on its content. You create a directory structure, put 5-10 example documents into each folder, and that’s it!

Extract Actionable Information

Need to extract names and addresses from Driver License photos? What about a list of transactions from your bank statements? Set fields for the documents in your stack and attach the Data Extraction Automate Step to your stack to get this information from future documents! also lets you use filters to easily access documents based on these fields.

Automate Your Document Workflow has an entire marketplace of Automation modules. These modules can be attached to each of your stacks’ Automate pipeline as steps. You can integrate with thousands of other apps using these modules or trigger custom actions. Write your own code to execute for each document, or send an email if a document is classified into a stack, or even add an expense to your QuickBooks account if a bill comes in.

Designed for Businesses

Archival for Easy Access provides a feature-rich advanced search system that allows you to find your archived files by content keyword, received or modification dates, what stacks they’re in, and more!

Directory Access & Roles

We understand there may be sensitive information in certain documents. Set up admin and user accounts and manage access to certain stacks for each user as needed!

Collaborate with your team

Comment on documents, and tag or assign documents to your team members if you need them to be notified!

Easy integrated training is designed to be as easy to use as possible! When a new user joins, they get a walk-through of the basic functionality. The Help Center is also publicly accessible!

Plans & Pricing


Intake 5k pages per month
Quick access to 100k pages
Archive up to 2.5M pages
Collaborate with 10 users
Overage at per page
Access to Help Center
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Intake 25k pages per month
Quick access to 500k pages
Archive up to 25M pages
Collaborate with 50 users
Overage at per page
On-demand phone support
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Need something else?

Our Enterprise plan allows for unlimited users and custom volume pricing.
You also get access to the Insights API for custom integrations.

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