Fits into your existing ERP workflow can be run as a complete BAO platform, or as a stand-alone document management or processing system. It can be configured to receive documents from many different sources and trigger actions using extracted information to many different platforms.

Designed to handle sensitive information

BAA and isolated server cluster options available is used by medical centers and adheres to HIPAA privacy and protection laws. User roles and stack-specific access policies can be set up to ensure only the right people have access to certain files. Additionally, all data is stored on HIPAA-compliant servers and data storage services.

A Business Associate Agreement is available if needed, and for those requiring the highest security protocols, your can be deployed on its own isolated cluster.

SLA and custom support plans available

Guaranteed uptime and on-demand support with SLA

Our service level agreement guarantees 99.9%+ uptime for's services and provides custom on-demand support plans.

Additionally, you get your own Customer Success Team who can assist with or perform your account setup, user training/onboarding, and service any support requests as needed.

Seamlessly integrate with thousands of apps!

Using's Automate pipeline, Zapier integration, and the developer API.

Stand-alone access using the Insights API

Completely isolated AI workers to serve your needs

The Insights API is how your apps can access's AI functionality to extract information from your documents without storing any of your files on!

Your Customer Success Team can connect you with our developers to build and deploy custom Insights API scopes for your application. Use the Insights API if you want to ensure none of your files are stored or accessible on, or if you have very specific needs.

Platform access using the Developer API

Robust and secure API to access your account

The Developer API is a REST-like HTTPS API which can be used to access stacks, documents, and fields within your account. It can be used to add documents, create and modify stacks, get extracted fields, run document search queries, and more!

Use the developer API to integrate's robust document processing, powerful search, and automation pipelines into your ERP solution!

Connect with an Enterprise Integrator

Get as a fully managed service

Looking for the whole package? We partner with various enterprise integrators and managed IT service providers to provide you with a fully managed service to minimize your setup time and workload.

Our partners can integrate with your ERP platform, set up your directory structure, import data from your existing repository or document management software, set up automation pipelines, train your users, and much more!

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DHx Software Aptus Engineering, Inc.