Harrisburg, PA and Scottsdale, Arizona – PensionPro and Stax.ai have entered into a strategic partnership aimed at simplifying manual processes for TPAs. The partner’s objective is to further deepen the solutions offering to enhance the TPAs ability to scale, minimize human error, save time on manual downloading, and increase employee morale. By creating a standard together with PensionPro, we are offering added value for customers, partners, and the TPAs clients.

Greater resources to TPAS

As the niche world of TPAs continues to process more and more customer plans from 5500 reports, brokerage statements, and record keeper reports while trying to find the right labor force is tough, further development of technology is needed and being requested. The goal of standardizing and automating processes is to significantly simplify the TPAs current manual system, continuously optimize workflows, and increase confidence still further in dealing with real-time analysis. For the first time, the latest AI technologies make this possible in real-time across the TPA industry and involving all parties. This leads to a permanent improvement in competitiveness and agility, from growth capabilities all the way to production.

Our AI technology focused in the TPA market can significantly help TPAs scale their business giving each company more human capital to grow at a quick pace and increase employee satisfaction.

Naru Muraleedharan, CEO of Stax.ai

About Stax.ai

Stax.ai is an intelligent document search and process automation platform to specifically help TPAs scale their business, empower their employees to do more meaningful tasks, and save insurmountable amounts of time. Through powerful AI technology and our custom-built platform, Stax.ai will automatically split, sort, download, file, and actionize data for Brokerage Statements, Record Keeper Reports, and assist in PensionPro data entry. Visit https://stax.ai or email tpa@stax.ai to learn more on how we can help your TPA be built for a better future.

Media and Press Inquiry Contacts

David Hawash, COO

Renee Conner, CEO