The team will see you at the PensionPro User Group Conference 2022 in Hershey, PA!

Not only are employees speaking, is also a major sponsor for this year’s 2022 conference. We are honored to be part of the TPA family as solution providers for the ongoing manual processes TPAs endure throughout the year.

PensionPro and Stax.png

As part of our newfound partnership with PensionPro, we are dedicated and committed to serving, supporting, and growing together with TPA clients.

While we are at the User Group Conference, we will be discussing how can help solve problems together with PensionPro. From reducing manual labor, minimizing human errors, increasing employee happiness all the way to automating of forms and documents.
Bradley Hillstrom Jr. – Owner/Partner, David Hawash – COO, and Kyle Johnson – Head Systems Architect will be representing so please say hi. is an intelligent document search and process automation platform to specifically help TPAs scale their business, empower their employees to do more meaningful tasks, and save insurmountable amounts of time. Through powerful AI technology and our custom-built platform, will automatically split, sort, download, file, and actionize data for Brokerage Statements, Record Keeper Reports, and assist in PensionPro data entry. Visit or email to learn more on how we can help your TPA be built for a better future.