PensionPro is a tool built by TPAs for TPAs which provides practice management functionality and plan-specific databases. It is one of the leading tools used by plan administrators in the nation. Within PensionPro, you can track all of your clients, their plans, and their individual investment accounts. It can also be linked to a local or network drive where you store the client’s statements, communications, and other documents. can seamlessly integrate with PensionPro to collect uniquely identifiable information statements (such as investment account numbers), and connect them to the correct client, plan, and directory.

Like most modern cloud-based technologies, PensionPro provides integration through an Application Programming Interface (API). supports external integrations using custom APIs.

PensionPro integration - API.jpeg

To connect your account to your PensionPro account, create a new PensionPro user for, and generate an API key for your PensionPro account (Maintenance → Firms/Locations → Regenerate API key). Use this API key along with the new user ID to allow to access your PensionPro account.

When you start using to automate your workflow, you get a dedicated account manager and onboarding team. We can help you set up your automation workflow, integrations, and everything else needed to scale your business with technology!