Conquering the trails in the Phoenix area, as a team!

Now I know what a lot of you who don't live or have never been to Arizona are thinking… How can the hot desert be beautiful? Well let us tell you! Arizona is filled with some of the most beautiful desert scenery, even right outside of the city. One of our core values here at is to be intentional and consistent with team building activities outside of the office and hiking is one of our favorites!


Hiking for a few hours gives us an opportunity to bond that much more, it translates right back into the office environment where we are all that much more connected.

Bernis Berber, Project Manager

AllTrails has 237 trails in just the Phoenix area, so we won't be running out of trails anytime soon! And yes… It is very hot here in Phoenix, so we make sure to hit the trails very early in the morning. We've found that starting off your day with a good hike sets the tone for the rest of your day. You wind up being more productive and happier!


Team activities outside of the office such as hiking and volunteering allow us to grow closer, therefore leading to an even more collaborative work environment and more success for the company.

Clayton Haley, AI Developer

So far, our team has conquered Tom's Thumb Trailhead and Sunrise Trail. Next up is Piestewa Peak! Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn to see all of the hiking trails we conquer along with other team building activities!


Being pushed by each other to keep going to the top and finish is about physically but more so important is the mental aspect of it. No one complained being at the top.
Getting out in God’s creation to explore the views that lie at the top are incredible when you take a moment to just look. We have not only been building a strong bond between us all outside of work, we are getting our health and mind right to be great.

David Hawash, COO